The best sales managers focus maniacally on connecting with prospects at the right time with the most relevant message and through multiple channels. What separates good sales teams from world class sales teams is the ability to scale what they’ve learned across their team.

We’ve built this concept directly into Outreach with Master Sequences. The idea of a Master Sequence is to ensure managers create, distribute, and update sequences and templates that are leveraged by their reps. When used correctly, Master Sequences provide clear performance data. With better data, you’ll know exactly where and how to tweak your process and drive performance.

Here are our top four suggestions to help you discover the best techniques:

  1. Personalize templates with sender variables.
  2. Use comments to let your reps personalize their messages
  3. Set sequence ownership to ensure reps follow the process
  4. Leverage rulesets to provide the right safeguards and record updates automatically

Watch the video for more details!



Rachael Siegel
Rachael Siegel
As a Product Marketing Manager at Outreach, I'm here to help you understand our platform by showing AEs, SDRs, and Managers how to use our product to the fullest extent!

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