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June 27, 2017

Catchy email subject lines that get opened up to 42% of the time

First impressions are key. Would you show up to a black tie event in your favorite Netflix binge watching sweats? Of course not. Your sales email subject lines are the first impressions you project to your prospects with every email you send. Are you putting on your best suit every time you hit send? We’ve...


June 02, 2017

Customer Post: Simplicity is the Secret to Sales Excellence

Our SDR organization is on a mission to create SQLs for our account executives to drive revenue and create opportunities. There is a 4 step sales workflow process that gets us to revenue. The Four Step Sales Workflow That Gets Results 1. Sourcing leads/contacts → Answering the question: “Who should I reach out to?” 2....


May 02, 2017

Top Players Don’t Always Make Top Coaches

Kristin McLerran: Let’s just start off with the big question: how would you define sales excellence? Jerry Pharr: Sales excellence is about establishing repeatability, consistency, and productivity. You must ensure that you have the systems, processes, and talent in place to achieve the goals you want to achieve. And in order to repeatedly and consistently achieve...


April 14, 2017

Customers Don’t Buy Scripts, They Buy Soul

Matt Millen is the Senior Vice President of Revenue Operations at Outreach. He has been in the sales world for 30 years, during which he constructed and implemented company strategy, defined customer experience, and managed the sales process at organizations such as T-Mobile, Anthony “Tony” Robbins Companies, and Gateway Computers. Over the course of his career, Matt...


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