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September 07, 2017

Bump your sales email reply rates up by 10% with this quick and effective strategy

Oh, if only it took a single point of cold contact — just one email, letter, phone call, voicemail, or LinkedIn message — to get a reply from decision-makers. But we all know that, unfortunately, that is just not the case. Sometimes it's daunting to plan, write, and develop the 8 to 12 distinct communications that current research shows are needed to get an initial response from your prospects.
But here's a surprising trick that can make the process easier for sales reps: the "bumper" reply, or sending a short-and-sweet reply to your original email to bump your note back to the top of your prospect’s inbox.


August 24, 2017

Crush your Cold Call With Positive, Confident Language

At the heart of the cold call — or, really, any sales-focused interaction — is the need to form a meaningful human connection. Your goal: Establish an alliance between yourself and a prospect. That’s easier said than done!


August 09, 2017

Prepare for the “no” and 4 other strategies to fire up your cold calls

Cold calling is hard. We make a lot of cold calls here, and we’ve been through just about every scenario. We’ve taken a deep look at our data from over 100,000 calls and identified common objections as well as general best practices that all successful cold calls have in common.


August 03, 2017

15 words and phrases to remove from your sales vocabulary immediately

Up your cold calling game by avoiding these low-impact words. As a sales representative, it’s on you to bring the next big innovations to market (no pressure). You’re selling the most amazing thing on earth, and you assume your product will speak for you, right? Wrong. How you sell something is just as important as...


July 31, 2017

Answer these 8 critical questions before every call with our Owler-powered news tile

Get more news in less time, and impress your prospects on your next call with Sales Intelligence Tiles. We all know that awkward moment when you’re sitting at a work dinner, and everyone starts talking about the news, but the only thing you’re caught up on is this season of House of Cards. The whole...


July 24, 2017

Think globally, sell locally with sales intelligence tiles powered by Mapbox

Why do we prefer to buy food from a farmer’s market instead of a gigantic grocery chain? Why do we use local numbers when cold calling? Why do we always buy Girl Scout cookies from the adorable little kids next door? Because LOCAL MATTERS. People are four times more likely to pick up a phone...


June 27, 2017

Catchy email subject lines that get opened up to 42% of the time

First impressions are key. Would you show up to a black tie event in your favorite Netflix binge watching sweats? Of course not. Your sales email subject lines are the first impressions you project to your prospects with every email you send. Are you putting on your best suit every time you hit send? We’ve...


June 22, 2017

Acknowledge the “no” and other sales email tips to book more meetings

It’s the most universal experience of a sales rep: hearing the word “no.” Every day, my SDRs face countless rejection notes. As a sales manager, it’s my job to help them turn the situation around by engaging their grit. Here’s how my team has leveraged that experience – and the data from tens of thousands...


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