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August 23, 2017

Are you using these 6 strategies to improve sales meeting show rates?

We're sharing six of our strategies to reduce your sales meeting no show rate to help you sell more efficiently and close deals faster.


August 09, 2017

Prepare for the “no” and 4 other strategies to fire up your cold calls

Cold calling is hard. We make a lot of cold calls here, and we’ve been through just about every scenario. We’ve taken a deep look at our data from over 100,000 calls and identified common objections as well as general best practices that all successful cold calls have in common.


July 03, 2017

Prospect Like a Gold-Seeker + 4 More Tips for Optimizing Your Outbound Sales Process

      Did you know that sales teams adopted the term “prospecting” from the original prospectors in the Gold Rush? When “gold fever” took hold of the prospectors, these early entrepreneurs devoted all their time to finding creative ways to “get gold out of them hills.” These prospectors had boundless energy and a drive...


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