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June 20, 2017

Introducing ZoomInfo for Outreach

A key component of the sales process is hunting for prospects, and effective prospecting is critical to build a strong pipeline. The primary components of prospecting are finding the best individuals for your product, and creating a playbook to engage. With the best data and the right engagement strategy, it’s easy to produce world class...


April 25, 2017

Introducing DocSend for Outreach

A key component of engaging prospects is using the right content to drive the sales process forward. Our goal is to ensure sharing content is done as effectively as possible, so we’ve built in templates and text snippets so your team has the right email content right where they need it. We also know your...


May 10, 2016

Outreach Announces Partnership With DiscoverOrg

At Outreach, we are extremely excited to announce that we have partnered with DiscoverOrg to build the future of the account-based sales workflows for sales teams. DiscoverOrg specializes in helping organizations identify the accounts that match their ideal customer profiles, and map out the prospects within those accounts who meet their target personas. Outreach focuses...


April 18, 2016

Outreach Releases A Completely Updated Gmail Experience, Increasing Speed And Usability

Introduction If you’re a Gmail user with Outreach, you’re probably aware that we enriched the Gmail experience with more features by leveraging the Outreach compose window in place of the standard Gmail compose window. I’m excited to announce today that we have released a completely redesigned Gmail experience, which is more native, and more performant....


January 14, 2016

Outreach Announces Partnership With Datanyze

The Outreach team is excited to announce our integration with Datanyze! Beginning today, our users will be able to import prospects directly into Outreach from Datanyze Insider. This is with the aim to make our users’ daily workflow a more seamless and efficient experience. One of Outreach’s primary goals is to facilitate building one big...


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