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June 02, 2017

Customer Post: Simplicity is the Secret to Sales Excellence

Our SDR organization is on a mission to create SQLs for our account executives to drive revenue and create opportunities. There is a 4 step sales workflow process that gets us to revenue. The Four Step Sales Workflow That Gets Results 1. Sourcing leads/contacts → Answering the question: “Who should I reach out to?” 2....


May 25, 2017

Customer Post: The Great Account-Based Sales Debate: Land & Expand or Storm the Gates?

There are many perspectives on how to best approach prospects: should you land and expand? Should you storm the gates and go straight to the C-Suite? When targeting national companies with longer sales cycles, our sales team tends to use a combination of both methods. It’s important to work the entire account rather than an...


April 13, 2017

Introducing Live Voice Quality Feedback

You’ve finally connected with a hot lead, and they’re interested in your product!  As you get into the best part of your pitch, the call quality drops and they can no longer hear you. You try to reach back out and apologize for the disruption. No luck. Your conversation is now off track and you’re...


April 05, 2017

How to Create a Successful A/B Test

A critical component of account conversion is the ability to communicate with your prospects effectively. With A/B testing, you can easily see what content is most compelling, and apply the best content across your teams. The challenge, however, is using A/B testing correctly. With Outreach, you can create a structured and systematic process.  Understand what’s working, make...


March 29, 2017

Out of Office Reply Detection: Managing Prospects and Tasks with Outreach

Receiving an automated “Out of the Office” reply from a prospect is a guaranteed way to slow down the sales process and pile on yet another task for you to remember to complete later.  As a result, these prospects are often forgotten, lost in the depths of your inbox as you try to keep up...


March 15, 2017

Email Personalization at Scale

Email personalization doesn’t have to take a lot of time. In fact, it can be quick, easy, and automatic when using Outreach! Conditional variables give you the power to create personalized emails to your leads quickly and effectively. Take a look at our short video for an example of how to create content at scale relevant to...


September 08, 2016

Secrets for Account-Based Success Part I

Guest Author: Conor Lee, Founder & CEO at HipLead If you’re in B2B sales or marketing, you’ve likely heard the buzz about Account-Based Sales (ABS). But what exactly is ABS and how does Outreach help support an ABS strategy? In a three part series we’ll share what we’ve learned after implementing dozens of successful ABS...


June 06, 2016

How Gritty Is Your Team?

When the market is growing and it is easy to raise money, your business can get by with a mediocre team. The market will pull you. But when the market loses faith and capital dries up, you need a team with grit to pull you through. Or as Warren Buffet put it, “When the tide...


May 26, 2015

Why We Switched From Intercom To Zendesk (And Almost Chose

A Caveat At Outreach, part of our culture is being extremely transparent with our customers because we believe it builds trust, and communicates the level of thinking we put into our service. While this article outlines our process of moving off Intercom for chat, I want to state unequivocally that we are still Intercom customers...


April 06, 2015

Uncomfortably-Close Customer Success

“Don’t go on discussing what a good person should be. Just be one.” – Marcus Aurelius Historically, Customer Support’s job was limited to fielding questions and putting out fires as needed. These teams cost money, so naturally managers optimized exclusively for cost. Self-help user groups, wikis, and ticketing systems such as Zendesk, Uservoice, and Groove...


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