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July 12, 2017

Always customize and five other keys to a winning sales automation strategy

Myriad vendors propose solutions to fill the void that exists as we enter the dawn of the Sales Automation Age, or better yet The Age of the Intelligent Workflow. Unfortunately, almost everyone is getting it wrong. That’s a bold claim, especially when I’m one of those vendors. This warrants an explanation. From my perspective, there...


June 16, 2017

Does the Rise of Technology Ensure the Demise of Human Decency? It Depends.

This is an incredibly profound observation. It’s like a twist from an M Night Shyamyalan movie-we’re so worried about the robots coming, we don’t realize we were the robots all along. The role of technology in the future is fraught with controversy and may be the single most topical issue of our time. It is...


September 22, 2016

Best Practices: How to Follow-Up With Prospects Using Outreach in Gmail

Your sequence worked! You connect with a prospect and have a great conversation. Now it’s on you to keep the conversation going. You quickly jet off an email with next steps. They’re excited, they’ll get back to you. Right? You move on to other work at hand and a couple weeks go by and what...


July 29, 2016

Triggers Now Have A Safety Mechanism To Prevent Mis-Targeting Segments

Introduction Today, we’re excited to announce a safety enhancement to triggers to help administrators and team leads be more successful in their configuration of Outreach. Ever since we introduced Triggers, our customers have found them to be an indispensable feature for their workflows. This is especially true for automatically adding inbound prospects into sequences after...


July 18, 2016

Triggers Can Now Mark Specific Sequences As Finished

Introduction Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve made triggers more configurable for sales operations team members to run the air traffic control of what sequences can and can’t be active for prospects in certain states. As the frontrunner in the sales communication industry, we originally built out triggers to allow team leads to automatically...


July 14, 2016

Outreach Now Uses Artificial Intelligence To Resolve The Identity Of Indirect Replies

Introduction Today, we’re excited to announce that we have enhanced our already incredible reply detection with artificial intelligence to determine whether the response you received was from the same or different person you originally emailed. In Account-Based Sales, sometimes the people you contact will email you back from a different email address at the same...


June 27, 2016

You Can Now Configure Your Sequence Schedules To Skip US Holidays

Introduction Today, we’re excited to announce that we have added additional functionality to help you time your activities correctly with prospects. There are a lot of important details that go into determining whether today may or may not be a good day to engage somebody, a big part of which is whether you and the...


June 16, 2016

Sequences Can Now Skip Counting Weekend Days Towards The Step Interval

Introduction Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve added additional controls to sequences to help you coordinate on the timing of your calls and emails. Historically, when a user is engaging a prospect or an account of prospects with a sequence, the SDR will use a schedule to determine which times of day and days...


May 26, 2016

Outreach Announces Persona Modeling, Complete With Auto-Assignment

Introduction Today, I’m excited to announce that we have released Persona modeling within Outreach. Now, for those of you less familiar with this concept, personas are a way to classify your prospects based on similar attributes, so you can more effectively communicate with them. Marketing teams have been using personas for decades to effectively track...


May 25, 2016

With Step-Specific Schedules, Users Can Now Target Personas With Precision Timing

Introduction Hey there folks, welcome to Product News. Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve now made it possible for users to optimize the timing of their sequence touch points by individual step. As we’ve watched our users optimize sequences by persona for their account-based sales strategies, we’ve also seen that sales development reps want...


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