March 22, 2017

Our Philosophy on Governance

Three tips on getting started with governance to preserve your sales funnel


Governance is most often associated with feature accessibility, simply answering the question, “What features should my team have access to?”. While we agree that it’s necessary to have a platform that allows managers to make these decisions, we also firmly believe that governance guides an organization’s sales operation. As a result, missteps in governance can have a huge impact on the bottom line.

This is the driving factor behind our governance settings. We aren’t afraid to go a step beyond the expected, and have created robust and methodical settings to enhance your existing workflow. Not only have we provided options to grant or deny feature access based on role, we’ve included settings that will ensure your team stays focused on the outlined sales process, ensures email deliverability best practices, and gives you a better understanding into what processes are working and where to adjust.

Take a look at our short video for three great tips on getting started with governance.

Rachael Siegel
Rachael Siegel
As a Product Marketing Manager at Outreach, I'm here to help you understand our platform by showing AEs, SDRs, and Managers how to use our product to the fullest extent!

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