May 11, 2017

Introducing Window Mode

The fastest and most responsive chrome extension for sales


Our chrome extension, Outreach Everywhere, was created to be just that – the power of Outreach wherever you work. We make consistent updates to the extension to add new capabilities, but today we’re taking a big step forward to improve the speed and responsiveness of the extension. To move forward, we need your help!

Today we’re opening up a new Beta program for the most recent update – Window Mode. This new experience is unlike any other chrome extension. It removes the extension from on top of your window and creates a separate window that snaps perfectly to the side of your browser. The experience is lightning fast and immediately responsive to what you’re doing in the moment.

Insanely Fast and Responsive

Many of you likely switch through a number of different browser tabs as your job. Window Mode keeps up with your pace. You’ll find that it’s faster and immediately responsive to what you’re doing in the moment.  Our VP of Sales, Mark Kosoglow, says it’s like having a personal assistant.

Join the Beta Program

This is the first step in a series of future releases to ensure Outreach Everywhere offering everything you need and is highly responsive to the actions you’re taking. Window Mode is a key feature for our vision of a more powerful workflow and with your help we can make this possible. If you’re interested in access or giving feedback, please join the Beta program.

Join the Outreach Everywhere
Beta Program

Rachael Siegel
Rachael Siegel
As a Product Marketing Manager at Outreach, I'm here to help you understand our platform by showing AEs, SDRs, and Managers how to use our product to the fullest extent!

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