July 14, 2017

Announcing: The Outreach #ReachOut Meetups!

Summer has arrived, and we’re excited to announce the first Outreach #ReachOut meetup!

On July 25th, Outreach Hero Brandon Deboer is putting Chicago on the map with the windy city’s first ReachOut meetup in Chicago! This ReachOut is set to be a fun way to widen your network, talk about your Outreach skills, spread culture, and make new friends at the offices of Glassdoor Chicago. You can register for the Chicago #Reachout by clicking the button below.

What is a ReachOut?

ReachOuts are friendly gatherings where you can meet, eat and drink your hearts out in the company of other sales excellence enthusiasts. A ReachOut is a small, casual, free event organized by Outreach users across the world. Each ReachOut is inspired and hosted by users like you, and are not necessarily “official” Outreach events (but sometimes are).

Ready to ReachOut?

At Outreach HQ, we provide support to the organizers with advice, promotion and swag, and we encourage anyone to organize and/or attend a meetup in your area.
If you want to host a ReachOut, let us know below.


Kristin McLerran
Kristin McLerran
As the Customer Marketing Associate, I help build and maintain Outreach's relationship with our customers. My goal is to ensure our customers are both happy and successful!

Questions or feedback? Get in touch through support@outreach.io

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