Connecting with a prospect on the phone remains critical to closing deals. Despite claims that “cold calling is dead,” it remains a fact that it’s highly effective. But when and how you call makes all the difference.

Knowing this, world class sales teams utilize playbooks that not only ensure many touch points with prospects over time, but also across multiple channels. Phone-based campaigns produce significantly higher results when accompanied by email campaigns and social outreach. That’s why Outreach sequences ensure sales teams leverage these techniques, and it’s why we’ve built voice capabilities directly into the platform.

Our goal is to provide sales teams with the ability to execute these best practices. This video highlights 4 such practices you can utilize in Outreach to ensure you’re connecting with the right prospects more often.

Rachael Siegel
Rachael Siegel
As a Product Marketing Manager at Outreach, I'm here to help you understand our platform by showing AEs, SDRs, and Managers how to use our product to the fullest extent!

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